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Need help with design

I need to conduct a reasonably robust survey. I need everyone and anyone who has ever rowed on a 'good' 2000 meter course - particularly a Class A FISA venue, to e-mail me and tell me what the best things were, and what the worst things were. We need design criteria - beyond that standard dimensions, etc. - so that we can design and build the BEST rowing course in the world. We have a great lake - now we need a great design. It will not happen over night - but if we get the ideas built into the plan on the front end, then space can be left in the right places, and things that might be overlooked won't be. World wide input appreciated. No detail is too small to consider, but also include the 'obvious' stuff. It may not be obvious to everyone. Take into consideration competitors or all ages and abilities, spectators, officials, coaches, truck and bus drivers, the general non-rowing public, politicians, economic development gurus, people who hate rowing, anyone.