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Re: Reader opinions sought for idea I have

Stephen King, perhaps?

Re: Reader opinions sought for idea I have

How about books written by Tom Kratman alone? BTW, he has actually read the Koran and is very familiar with the Arab world.

Re: Reader opinions sought for idea I have

Michael Crichton and Stephen King generally don't interest me, though a number of people have encouraged me to try the Dark Tower series, and I may yet do it. I've read a number of King's books outside of my reviewing work, and while I think much of his early stuff is quite good (The Shining, 'Salem's Lot), for the most part, they tend to read the same, with the same stock characters appearing in almost every story. I tried reading Under the Dome but lost interest about 400 pages in. As for Crichton, I will always be a huge fan of The Andromeda Strain. But for the most part I consider him to have been a workmanlike writer of mainstream potboilers, some of which, like Jurassic Park, happened to be SFnal.

Re: Kratman. Considering that Baen does not send out review copies, and that dozens of other fine publishers do, and are generously providing me each month with enormous stacks of books to read and share, it is unlikely I will get to any of Kratman's solo novels any time soon. I certainly don't have an objection to reading work by someone whose politics or other views I disagree with, but I won't exactly put myself to any trouble to get my hands on it.

Re: Reader opinions sought for idea I have

How about Ursula K. LeGuin?

Re: Reader opinions sought for idea I have

Robert Jordan.

Ok, ok... for real?

Clark Ashton Smith

Re: Reader opinions sought for idea I have

I see this thread is still open after three years, so I'll throw in some ideas.

Piers Anthony -- Macroscope

Isaac Asimov -- The End of Eternity, The Gods Themselves

Lloyd Biggle* -- anything

Algis Budrys* -- Rogue Moon

Glen Cook -- The Starfishers trilogy

Ron Goulart* -- anything

R. A. Lafferty -- anything

C. S. Lewis -- the space trilogy (Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, That Hideous Strength)

Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle -- The Mote in God's Eye

Chad Oliver* -- Transfusion (a novella, IIRC)

Eric Frank Russell* -- Wasp (or anything)

James H. Schmitz* -- The Witches of Karres, The Demon Breed (two novels)

Clifford Simak -- Way Station (or anything)

John Wyndham* -- Re-birth

Timothy Zahn -- Spinneret

Roger Zelazny -- Lord of Light

* I consider these authors under-appreciated. Ron Goulart is known for humorous SF. And speaking of humorous SF, have you ever read The Butterfly Kid, by Chester Anderson and Michael Kurland?

Re: Reader opinions sought for idea I have

In case you're still interested in further input:

I'm wondering why you haven't reviewed the following titles yet:

"A Song Called Youth" (the "Eclipse" trilogy) by John Shirley (it will go back into print next year, which might be a good opportunity to review it)

"Schismatrix" by Bruce Sterling

and of course all the good stuff by Iain Banks (esp. "The Algebraist")...

Keep up the great work, you're a fine reviewer indeed!

Re: Reader opinions sought for idea I have

Are you still taking suggestions? If so I would like to suggestion the historical fantasy books by Juliet Marillier - most notably the Sevenwaters books (though those are just my personal favourites)

Re: Reader opinions sought for idea I have

Thanks for asking. Without a doubt, the biggest living name in Sci-fi- BEN BOVA

Re: Reader opinions sought for idea I have

Wow! I never knew Ben was still alive!

Re: Reader opinions sought for idea I have

Here's my 2c worth:

Iain M Banks
Neal Asher - big fan
Garth Nix (Patiently waiting for MORE of the Abhorson series - sob...)

Re: Reader opinions sought for idea I have


I'm new to the site, and I'm not sure if you're still taking suggestions from this discussion.

However, I was really surprised that there wasn't a review for Neil Gaiman's & Terry Pratchett's GOOD OMENS or Marion Zimmer Bradley's MISTS OF AVALON. Both are two of my favorite books, as well as being critically lauded, though they are primarily more fantasy than science fiction. However, Marion Zimmer Bradley's DARKOVER series is definitely within the science fiction genre, and I was surprised that there's no reviews for any of her books on the site. Considering that she was given a World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement after her death, I think this needs to be remedied.


Re: Reader opinions sought for idea I have

Actually, The Butterfly Kid is by Chester Anderson; Michael Kurland wrote the follow up book, The Unicorn Girl.