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Shannara series

Hello Mr. Wagner,
You seem to have read an amazing number of books, judging by author ratings on your site. One series I really enjoyed which I think you may not have read, was the Shannara series by Terry Brooks, since this author is absent from your list of author ratings (maybe you have read it and think the whole thing is crap and I'm barking up the wrong tree).
It started with "The Sword of Shannara" back in 1977 and eventually became a trilogy, containing "The Elfstones" and "Wishsong" of Shannara. The original trilogy was a masterpiece. In the 1990's and until now, Terry Brooks began to add more books to this series, some better than others, but the only ones, in my opinion, that I enjoyed as much as the original "Sword of Shannara" were "The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara" trilogy. He had written another trilogy "High Druid of Shannara" which takes place after "Voyage", but by this time, I feel Brooks' extending of this series is running on fumes. At this point, if he wishes to write more "shannara" books it is probably better for him to write books which fill in historical gaps between books he had already written rather than attempting to extend the "Shannara" series any further into the future.

Re: Shannara series

He indeed hasn't reviewed the Shannara series yet, but I think he's actually read it. He, unfortunately, compared it unfavorably to Robert Jordan's Eye of the World. It would be nice to see him lay a true review though.