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Looking for book I read as teenager

I am looking for the title of a book I read when I was a teenager. The main character was a young man who came into possession of a pouch of small figures that allowed him to change into various avatars with different attributes. The book was published pre 1986. Help appreciated as i wish to read again. Thanks

Re: Looking for book I read as teenager

Sorry DAJ, it isn't ringing any bells, and my Twitter followers don't seem to have been able to come up with an answer either. Hope you can find some clues somewhere.

Re: Looking for book I read as teenager

I believe you're talking about "The True Game" by Sheri S Tepper.

I loved that series - lost the book your talking about - but I still have the rest of the series (about another 3 or more books).

Plot(how I remember it)...
Peter (son of Mavin Manyshaped) comes into possession of some life like chess pieces which are really the soul/mind of people put into stasis? Story about how he discovers who he is & about the planet giving people (who are descendants of a crashed spaceship crew) different powers/magic.

He becomes a master shapeshifter able to take on the powers of the "chess pieces" and a major player - there's heaps more...

So if the plot sounds correct- then that's the book.

Re: Looking for book I read as teenager

Thanks for that I think thats the one

Much appreciated

Re: Looking for book I read as teenager

You're welcome.

I remember reading it back in the 80's & I've always remembered it fondly.