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Stranger in a Strange Land book review

Thank you for your review of Stranger in a Strange Land! I read this book (uncut version; I have not read the original shortened version) several years ago and just recently reread it. I love science fiction, mostly the older stuff,(Orwell, Bradbury, etc) so I was sure I would like this book, but found myself getting impatient with the endless verbal sermons and unbelievable characters. Every character and situation was so over-the-top.
I need to preface my next comment with the disclosure that I am a technical writer and editor, so precision, accuracy, and above all, brevity are fundamental to me. That said, during the entire time I spent reading this book, I keep thinking, "I could edit the daylights out of this book -- 40,000 words, no problem!" Every good technical editor knows it is more difficult to express a concept briefly rather than in rambling prose. The writer needs to keep in mind that one doesn't want to lose the reader; once the reader starts skimming to find the next point, you've lost your impact. A good writer keeps the reader hanging on every word, not wishing there were fewer words.

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land book review

Thanks for your review. You never know what you are going to get with Heinlein- brilliance or labour. You probably wouldn't like Double star for which he won a Hugo. The door into summer which he wrote in the same year(56) is much better. A lot of people think his last novel The moon is a harsh mistress is his best. I would agree.