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looking for a book title

I wonder if any of you guys can help me to locate a book that I read back in the late 70's the story line was something like this,

An asteroid approaches earth and ship is sent to ivestigate it. The crew find that it was mined and enter ito it, on further investigation it is found to be hollow to the point of infinity. In the centre of this infinate tunnel is a plasma rail which they find out how to ride. Along its length at intervals they find what I see to remeber Clavical's that open into different worlds, some good some bad and meet aliens along the way. Some of the Clavicals are locked. I can't remember much more and I hope this may help someone to poke me with a title and authors name.

I was informed that the book may have been The Mote in Gods Eye by Larry Niven but I've just read that and its nothing like I remeber but what a good read that was.

Thanks in anticipation


Re: looking for a book title

This sounds very much like Greg Bear's Eon, Derek, but I will poll my Twitter mob for confirmation.

Re: looking for a book title

This title and author rang the proverbial bell thanks for your help I'm off to buy a copy from amazon.