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Neal Stephenson's Reamde

About how reality is the ultimate hack.

(A paraphrase from a review, but, having read the book, resonates well with me).

Perhaps my favourite sci-fi author, perhaps my favourite novelist period.

Thomas, I hope you have a chance soon to read and review this one. If you don't, you don't, and so it goes. Still I would suggest that Stephenson has important things to say, and says them well, about the role of the control of information and dissemination thereof.

My initial impression is that with Anathem, Stephenson was playing. Such that with Reamde he steps up with the serious.

In any case, I'm well aware that Thomas only has so much time to serve us with his well thought reviews. I would be interested in his thoughts regarding Reamde, yet fully understand that it's his choice to offer a review of it here. All I'm saying is that I truly believe Reamde elevates the genre, and that ain't no small achievement. Ergo worthy of consideration here, is all.

Anyway, this anonymous poster loved the book, and hopes more achieve the same. Though I'd be curious how anyone else here feels about Reamde, loathe, meh or squee. No judgement, simply curiosity.