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Help finding Book

Years ago I read a book and cannot remember the title or author but the story stuck with me. I'll give a quick break down and if someone knows what book I'm talking about please help!!1

1. Guy answers ad for an assistant to an old man.
2. Old man (when stressed or too old) sleeps and awakens as a young man with no memory of who he was.
3. old man (now young) and guy travel to England, go to Stonehenge, find space ship buried there.
4. they take ship to "mother ship" in space where they find a library which is a bunch of cylinders that when held to the head transfer information.
5. Old man decides to continue on to find out who he is. Young guy stays behind with the old buried ship.
6. Young guy sells star charts and video of dinosaurs and govt gets suspicious.
7. young guy escapes govt by taking the space ship back to it's home planet.
8. Everyone on other planet suffers from the grow old, sleep, wake up young and without memory, it's now a feudal system.
9. The old guy is actually the missing king and only his brain wave can open the main memory vault that holds the planets population's memories.

Can anyone help?

Re: Help finding Book

I'm not sure if this is what your after but I think it could be. Try the Dyason Series by Warren James Palmer.
There are 4 books in the series: Minds of the Empire, Dominator, Third Player and Star Web. I think there is also another books called the Dyason Wars but it came out years after the original books. They start in England where a young man discovers a spaceship called Excalibur buried under Stonehenge. At least I hope I remembered that correctly it's been a while since I read the books. I hope this helps