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Third ~ A new novel by Q. Kelly

“Third” ~ Q. Kelly’s latest novel is a rare treat.

Q. Kelly has always been able to take the most unusual situations and blend them beautifully into her books, but “Third” has burst all the boundaries and set a new standard for the possibilities in lesbian fiction.

The characters in “Third” are some of the most imaginative that I’ve come across. They are distinct and alive for the reader. Their relationships, past and even their very personalities are clear and well written. These are not the easiest characters to cast either ~ Q. Kelly’s portrayal of Anne Boleyn is just wow!

The premise behind “Third” is very gutsy (which I really like in a book). It has some traditional concepts such as Helen and Yalia’s failing relationship and then blends it with the concept of time travel and then shakes it up with a time traveler from history who is none other than Anne Boleyn the famous Tudor queen. It doesn’t stop there ~ it goes on to develop a relationship between these three women which is a real pleasure to follow as it develops.

Being able to watch as Helen and Yalia and Anne come together against so many odds has really been an experience that I won’t forget. Seeing Helen and Yalia come to grips with their pasts and finding love again is truly heart-warming and experiencing Anne’s struggle to adjust to life in a modern world is really unique.

I want to mention the same as other reviewers have about the polyamorous content. This is not some love tryst and it’s not a case of infidelity. These women ~ Helen, Yalia and Anne truly desired to be with each other.

One last little thing ~ many people use the term “a real page turner” when they are describing a good book. That’s definitely true with “Third”, but you’re not going to want to turn the pages to fast with this one. You’re going to want to savor this book because you’re not going to want it to end.