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SF Review, over the years, has introduced to me to a whole new world of books, and I wouldn't have nearly become the reader I am today without this amazing website. But what boggles my mind is Thomas Wagner's Eragon review. I mean, what in the hell? Did you give Christopher Paolini a free pass because he was a kid or something? This book was horrible, it didn't deserve anything near a passing rating. I think it's bizarre you actually place it on the same level as The Way of Kings, American Gods, The Name of the Wind, Gardens of the Moon. Not to mention it's better rated then The Wise Man's Fear, Prince of Thorn, The Eye of the World, and Coraline. I don't know if you saw it Thomas, but Paolini's book is not only a blatant rip off (Star Wars, LOTR, Dragonriders of Pern, Earthsea), but his writing and prose is terrible. He has dangling modifiers everywhere, and he intricately details futile items like a ball of thread for no reason at all. I understand, he was a teenager, but I'm also a teenager who understands what flaws are in novels and Paolini's status to reviwer's perception on young writing teenagers over the years have been an insult to my intelligence. This website is the only Fantasy/Sc-Fi novel reviewer I go to for reliable information, and I totally respect your opinions, but your review Eragon is quite exasperating. I'm wondering if you could give me an honest review on Eragon. Never mind the fact that Paolini was a teenager; please rate it fairly like you would with any other novel.

Re: Eragon

I tend to have higher expectations of better, adult fantasy writers. My attitude towards Eragon was basically "Yep, nothing new here, but a pretty decent first try for a 15 year old." I went into the book with extremely modest expectations, and so I guess they were met.

You'll notice I haven't bothered with the sequels yet.