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Dorsai - a rebuttal of the review

With respect,
I came across this site very recently, and with apology for the long timing, I would like to rebut an old review.

In reviewing the book Dorsai, by Gordon R. Dickson, you misunderstood Dickson on several points. (I will grant your point that he did not express himself so well in this story, as he learned to do later in his career. however...)

He was not trying to sugest that Donal was an intuitive genius due to his training, as you stated. His point was the reverse: that his naturally intuitive genius caused Donal to excel at his training and he is thus a better tactician than others with similar training. These intuitive capabilities allow him to recognize where his opponents are hidebound in a manner he can use to mislead them. Dickson's point is that intuition, though not a typical soldierly trait, made Donal a better soldier.

And his "mysogyny" was not a hate of all women, but rather a disgust with the behaviors of women who chose to act like blinking morons, in specific situations where they ought to be more sensible.
I am a woman myself, and I also dislike women who in dire circumstances seem unable to conduct themselves like an adult, and who stand around screeching for help instead of solving a problem.
Dickson's Character Amanda is the sort of woman Donal knows and respects, and like other young men, he is simply baffled by those who aren't what he knows and expects. His portrayal of Donal's confusion simply presents us with an odd young man who, despite his military genius, is still too young to have women figured out.