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CS Lewis - The Last Battle

Responding to the review really - firstly, just wanted to bring up the bit in The Last Battle, which says something like 'anything good done in the name of Tash, is really done in Aslan's name, and anything bad done in the name of Aslan is really done in Tash's name'? I rather thought this was Lewis trying to defeat violent extremism on both sides, having proved that evil can indeed be done in the name of Aslan. The point being, I felt, that it didn't matter what you called your god. Unless, if this is coded anti-Islamicism, he really believed that the Islamic god was the equivalent of Satan, which I doubt? It's not a sensibility he displays in The Horse and His Boy, as you point out.

Touching to be reminded of his traumas: TLB's desperate straining after a world beyond death, and the callous discarding of a Narnia I had loved to get there, left me cold and disgruntled, as a child. Thank you, and thanks for these intelligent and interesting reviews!