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Buying a 1969 Columbia Mkll.

I'm buying a '69 Mkll and will be bringing it home in a couple of weeks. It's on a trailer, stored out of the water and needs some work (nothing structural, just cosmetic, thankfully). One thing I plan to do, whether it needs it or not, is to remove and reseal the keel. I already have an idea how I can raise the boat leaving the keel on the trailer. However, I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on things to look for or check before I actually begin, especially any info on removing the keel bolts would be great.

Re: Buying a 1969 Columbia Mkll.

I just bought a 69 and plan to have it hauled out & painted. Not hauled
out in 5 years - a little scared of what I’ll find.
Wondering about the iron keel condition on your boat and how your project went.