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Rub Rail Rubber Condition Question

I am curious about the condition of the rubber on my 1974 Mk II. I have a series of holes drilled in it along both side's of the boat every few feet. Unfortunately towards the stern there is rusty water that runs out and down the hull.
Is it safe to assume that the previous owner drilled these to keep water from running into the inside of the boat??
Or are these "weep" holes original from the manufacturer?
I got the boat over the summer and it has been in storage for a couple of years, so I don't know for certain if the hull/deck seam leaks. But there is a LOT of caulk on the top and bottom of the aluminum rub rail assembly.
I also noticed that during my disinfecting of the interior when hosing of the headliner/ bulkheads that a lot of rusty/ debris laden water came out of the seam on the inside. I tried to flush it as well as possible.
The outside cleaned up nicely, and I don't see a need to paint it like I have seen some people do, that only looks good from a distance, not up close.
Any thoughts would be welcome, I only have 5 months till I launch this baby.