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Re: Holding Tank

I have a 13 gallon holding in the storage locker accross from the head. I am actually replacing the hose with a higher grade in an effort to imporove the odor it is emitting. I got this boat about two months ago with it pre installed. It appears that when it gets full the fiberglass around it expands due to the wieght offset. I will be building a shelf under it as well this weekend. I'd rather be sailing but this is important so wish me luck.

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Has anyone ever installed a holding tank in their C26 MKII? Where did you put the tank? Where was the vent and pump-out?

Re: Holding Tank

I just recently install an 18 gallon holding tank under the cockpit just behind the step. I removed the toilet instruction lable, used a roto zip and cut a hole, than cut a hole in the bulkhead leading to the cavatity behind the table, pulled hose out under seat by the sink, and ran hose into the aft cabin and to the tank, installed vent on port side and pump out on deck in cockpit area.