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Free Columbia 26 MkII !

Free 1971 Columbia 26 MkII - all you have to do is provide me with a tax-deductible receipt for $4000! I want NO $ for this boat, but will donate it to a charity or give it to the person who provides me with a bona-fide receipt for tax purposes.

This is hull #916 and is docked in the water near Chincoteague, VA.

New bottom & hull paint 3 years ago
Johnson 7.5 in the hole should be replaced
New interior varnish
NOT modified - good original example
New mainsail
Can be sailed away, but I would advise trailering it long distances (it is now winter in the Mid-atlantic)
Good condition, fully useable
Great boat for restoration to new condition
Sails safe and fast!
Send inquiries via e-mail............CTC

Re: Free Columbia 26 MkII !

Could I get your phone # you E-mailed me yesterday, I have a friend with a 501c-3 org. and need more info.

Re: Free Columbia 26 MkII !

Thanks for the contacts, everyone. This boat has been claimed by a man from IL, with another man from MD as first on the list if plans fall through. wasn't any sort of scam. You could have had a nice boat for free if you were smart enough to act!

Still available!

As you may have noticed from the post near the top of this message board, this boat is still available. This guy S Craig jerked me around for way too long, then changed his mind. I guess a free boat wasn't cheap enough for him! If you want this boat and have some way of getting me a tax writeoff, I will listen to all deals. Keep in mind...I do NOT want any money for this boat..........but I will also NOT incur any expense in giving it away.

Re: Boat Location.???

Hi, A friend has a MKII IT IS A GREAT BOAT..and I am looking for one.. Where is the boat located....State.? THANKS, MIKE

Re: Re: Boat Location.???

The boat is docked near Chincoteague, VA...which is about 30 miles south of Ocean City, MD. This is on the Atlantic side, not the Chesapeake. Look at a map and you will see.