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New Guy - Old Boat C26 MKII

Just found the forum today, I have a 1974-76 ( not sure at the moment ) C26 MKII - Brother bought it 2+ years ago and we both restored it over a winter.

He has since got a newer boat and sold me his.. I've been repairing his work ever since... hehe.

It's pretty nice now, newer paint (was not done right though), new cushions, custom teak hatches,ect.

One of the last things todo is to tent in the aft deck for more living space ( and still sail with it up )

The other thing I wanted todo was turn the double berth and couch into a king size bed. Any info on this would be great as myself and fiance` do not fit well into the v-berth. I praticaly live in this thing during the summer.

Other upgrades I'd like to know about;

Refrigerator ( possibly in ice box or closet? )
LP Two Burner Stove instead of alch.
in board battery charger
dock side power
in board ac convertor
internal mast ( sail winds up insde it )
font sail wench
Mast mounted deck lights
Solo Sail configurations
Auto Pilot/GPS intergrated systems

Well thats enough to ask about for now.

Currently has a new elec system, 2 batteries with seperatro, 12volt plug for charging cell phone