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what 9.9 4 stroke will fit into the cockpit well???

i have c26 mk11 and i'm using a yahama 4 hp 4 stroke that i like execpt for some noise issus which i'm not sure you can get rid of anyway because, i like the 4 stoke cause it doesn't leave alot of smoke in the cockpit and cabin. i really could use the extra hps if i want to keep the boat near my house ( strong currents rip thur a narrow canal and i need to go under a narrow draw drawbridge,,any suggestion? i saw a good deal on an extea long 04 evinrude 9.9 4stroke but it looked way to big to fit..thanks

Re: what 9.9 4 stroke will fit into the cockpit well???

I use a Johnshon 7.5 hp (2 stroke) and it fits just fine in the well. It also provides enough power to push me along in strong currents and wind. I have mounted my outboard on the back of a friend's San Juan 24 and could hardly hear it when it was running. Another sailing friend just bought a Honda 8 hp (4 stroke) but he has mounted it on the transom so I don't know if it will fit in the well. His Honda pushes his C26 with no effort.