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I just bought a 26 mark II !

hello, I am a new boatowner and am interested in joining this forum to learn about my new boat and the experiences others have had with the 26 ft coloumbia. please feel free to e-mail me

Re: I just bought a 26 mark II !

So did I... a 1970. Enjoying it immensely. Shopping for a generator in the right price range. Not very experienced with sailing but am on a sailing crew now and enjoying every minute of it. What kind of engine do you have? I am in San Diego... where are you? Pleased to make your aquaintance.



Re: Re: I just bought a 26 mark II !

mine does not have any engine at the moment, I got it to restore. I am working on the cabin at the moment. it had sunk at one point in it's history, but i hope to have it ready to sail next season. I have alot of work to do before then though. I will be in san diego sometime end of march or in july ( haven't decided when yet) to pick up the sails for my boat. I would love to look at yours when I come down so I can see what a healthy one looks like! please call me somtime. (360) 720-4781