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Alcohol Changes

When are the BOA "debating" the Alcohol changes that Don Conn mentioned at the last meeting? The handpicked "Committee Members" appointed by Dolan to deliberate were suspect from the beginning. Just like the schools, back room deals, hidden agendas and lack of transparency are ongoing with the "Alcohol Advisors".

Dolan championed the "Farm to Table " Resturant that would help transform Wyoming Square as an examle of a business who could benefit from serving alcohol? Brigid highlighted it on the Mayor's blog. The building is owned by his close friend who had plans for this site. The seating and bathroom facilities couldn't even pass inspections by City Hall. The Market has been closed for months and questions about inspections, landlord and neighbohood problems have never been addressed.

Re: Alcohol Changes

Saw that the next step to change "Alcohol Regulations" is moving forward. Interesting to note that you can now order a second drink ONLY when you place a food order. When the Mayor first proposed the changes, he was advocating 2 drinks before you were required to order something to eat. Will each person have to order a food item or can a number of people share a dip? The disturbing thing about this process was hearing Alcohol Advisory members and BOA members announcing their support for the changes even before the public meetings took place in September (and that was when you could order 2 drinks before you had to eat) Will be interesting to see how "food" is defined... something rotten in the state of Denmark......

Re: Alcohol Changes

With all the sh*t going on the best smear you clowns can come up with is whether or not you can get a drink in Melrose at a restaurant? The only thing rotting is this website.