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Do you believe it?

It has come to my attention, from a disgruntled insider at City hall, that Mayor Dolan and his minions have conspired to create a Nor'Easter this week in an effort to get Dolan's cronies in the DPW overtime pay. He colluded with the alderman who have health insurance to make it happen. Not only did he create this Nor'Easter, he is going to make it last 2 days and the kids will be out of school during that time. Dolan is not committed to education. If he were he never would have made it snow. The teachers who got meager pay raises are also in on it. I saw them doing a snow dance...on City property, no less. Dolan was seen laughing and joking about it at a local coffee shop, and when a patron asked him why he would make it snow he ridiculed her. What a bully. This obnoxious behavior is just one more reason why SOMEBODY needs to run against him at the next election.

Re: Do you believe it?

Outrageous! This is outrageously funny! Nice one "Snow"!

Hey. You wouldn't be related to that other guy named..

Na. Never mind

Re: Do you believe it?

really lame

Re: Do you believe it?

This isn't funny! Now we have pay our city staff more overtime -there goes the 2015 budget! Also, the Mayor has in his contract that if he wears a sweater and it is snowing - he gets overtime too!