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Commuter Rail Developments

"Mixed Use Development" zoning changes discussed at the 4-6-15 BOA meeting.
The Cedar Park and Highlands areas were repeatedly mentioned.
What about Wyoming?
Is it only an area for druggies, vapors and slumlords?

Re: Commuter Rail Developments

Drove home around 11:30 last night. The crowd at Wyoming and Cory was large and unruly. All those thugs can't possibly live there. Who owns that house? Who lives there? How can the city and Public Health Department allow the trash to overflow for days attracting rats? What about the Melrose Housing Authority? Residents are placed in buildings which violate safety, health and human rights safety laws. Then there are those lovely buildings on the end of Derby Road and Waverly Place. Hope Mike Zwirko who is a resident of Derby Road runs for an Alderman at Large Seat again. Maybe he can bring attention and action to his neighborhood. Erin Zwirko recently went to work as The Assistant City Planner . She should have some power and influence to help turn this area around.