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City Hand Me Downs

So I noticed something

The fire department has a red colored fire alarm truck from Malden, which is a hand me down

The police department had a ford police pick up truck from Somerville, which they then handed over to Dpw, which makes it a double hand me down

The old police animal control car went to Dpw, which is a hand me down.

The police atv went to the mount hood , which makes it a hand me down

The police detective cars go to the Dpw , which makes it a hand me down

Yet the fire dept and dpw now have hybrid cars? For what? Why not hand me downs, like in the past?
Why the fire dept need a hybrid car? The chief already has a city issued car, Why they need another?

Dpw , fire and police need their own new stuff, not hand me downs, and gear that should remain with them not passed along to someone down the food chain.

Re: City Hand Me Downs

The internets say that the electric vehicles + charging station were partially covered by a pair of $15,000 state grants.

Re: City Hand Me Downs

I guess this brings about the question, if they are ok to be handed down to another department, why couldn't they continue to be used by their original department?