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Time to Organize a New City Charter Committee

It's time to gather a community group to fix our colossally screwed up charter to remove (1) the mayor from the School Committee, (2) put back a Recall option for citizens (there isn't one), (3) correct the language that would require a mayor to give up holdings in any other business (hence the reason why no one BUT RD will ever run because any good candidate also presumably has a valid professional career), (3) fix the inexcusably poor language and typos, and many other fatal flaws that have resulted in the mess Melrose nows finds itself buried in.

All those whining about the failed override could do well to pause and consider that perhaps those "leaders" who were dead certain (and telling everyone) that the Override was a slam-dunk success are the same people misleading them about a lot of other things that go straight into their homes, their children's education, and their bank accounts. The new hysteria over the fatally flawed amateur-hour "demographic study" (done by another charlatan consultant just like the water/sewer hack) is just another example of how easily these parents of mostly younger children are being used and manipulated to support the failed practices of this administration. These poor parents can't seem to make the connection with their absurdly and wrongly high water bills to what's happening with the rest of city governance. They are willing to give their trust and faith over and over again to the same people who are ultimately responsible for a whole realm of miserable problems.

Re: Time to Organize a New City Charter Committee

Agree. Time to connect the dots. This is the same group of parents who don't seem to understand that they are supporting the administration that has led Melrose to have the federal government needing to investigate our city for violations of basic civil rights, and finding Melrose administration guilty. How anyone could still support the claims of administrators/politicians who have obviously lied, covered up and investigation, and worse, violated the rights of children so egregiously is beyond comprehension. Melrose was smart enough to smell a rat and vote down that dog of a ballot issue, but it sure hasn't yet demonstrated it's smart enough to know the difference between politicians who are lying and those who are telling the truth, with the one exception of placing Monica at the top of the ticket again, as it is entirely appropriate.

Re: Time to Organize a New City Charter Committee

I nominate the previous two writers to spearhead this project. Will they come forward?

Re: Time to Organize a New City Charter Committee

Thanks for the bad advice but I don't need you and the Mayor's attack dogs going after me and my family for having the nerve to suggest a better way to govern. I will go to a trusted few alderman to make the suggestion. Believe me, its not like the Melrose community doesn't know that uncontested mayoral elections and having the mayor on school committee has been an unmitigated disaster for our Melrose Community.

Re: Time to Organize a New City Charter Committee

Hey "better yet" you are just another fraud hiding behind your key board. We need a new mayor, we need a new city charter, the school system is a mess, Melrose is a bunch of racists, BLAH BLAH BLAH... You people keep singing the same tune but none of you ever step up. C'mon it's time to sack up or back up. Now tell us about this big mayoral conspiracy to keep highly qualified candidates like yourself from running for mayor.

FACT: The OVERWHELMING majority of Melrose citizens support what is going on in Melrose period.

I voted against the override but I fully support Mayor Dolan and his administration.

Re: Time to Organize a New City Charter Committee

If you fully supported the Mayor and his administration you would have voted yes.