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MFD embarrasses the City

Apparently, the FD Union "outed" the city for the condition of the main fire house. "no shame" Schenna toured the FD with reporters and hid certain sections of the station from them. No free access. No access to the "problem"areas. You think the Reporters have the balls to cry foul? No Bridget will steer them to the company line. Bamboozle job. Robby continues to value votes,,,,,,,Schools,,,,parks,,,,,Green Space. Over Public Safety.

Re: MFD embarrasses the City

At first glance it appeared someone was attacking Myron again. Hmm, maybe the fire station is his fault. (It certainly couldn't be the result of lack of attention and maintenance the last 15 years.)

Don't forget they spent money on the 'renovation' back then only because they ordered the wrong sized ladder truck and couldn't drive it into the fire station. They abused the historic building to rebuild the front. They never told the taxpayers. Not to this day. They just spent more taxpayer money to hide their incompetence. That ended up being one expensive ladder truck.

PS. The same 'planners' still work here.