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Parking & Traffic Woes

Thank you City Planner and Mayor Dolan for approving a plan to eliminate much needed parking in Melrose buy putting in those ridiculous bumps outs all over Essex St. The new bump out account for at least 4 less parking spaces.

The Franklin Street renovation is just as big of a mess with bump outs taking away minimally 6 parking spots on street and the streets have been narrowed to the point that it's almost impossible for two way traffic to turn on and off of side streets in the Franklin area.

Sure walking space is great but, not at the expense of all the traffic woes this creates by the significantly narrowed streets and lack of parking.

Just wait till all those new condo buildings that are popping up all over Melrose fill up with people, kids and more cars. The streets and schools will just become more congested and over crowded and guess what, there's plan in place to address this. Sorry new families moving to Melrose, no room for your kids in the schools. Maybe you should go to the Charter School. Then we get to hear the SC, Super and Mayor complain about the expense of the Charter School on our City and look who created this problem.

Re: Parking & Traffic Woes

Not surprising considering the anti-car progressive liberal's mindset.

Re: Parking & Traffic Woes

LOL, there's a new one!