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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

So lets refresh ourselves with the City of Melrose

Schools - Check
Parks - Check
Real Estate Valuation and Rank - Check
Revitalized Downtown - Check
Hospital Presence and Growth - Check
Restaurants , Bars, Alcohol Sales ,Social Clubs - Ck, Ck, Ck, Check

Public Safety Building / Investment in Public Safety - FAIL / FAIL

Let Us Complete the "Foundation" of our Community. Public Safety Now ! The Police and Fire Stations in this CITY are a travesty. They exist to quell the unfortunate realities of life. We invest in them like the Unwanted Uncle or Aunt at the Thanksgiving Table, as We Gorge ourselves in Holiday Like revelry. How is it that the City Officials continue to ignore the Police and Fire Stations?

Fire Station - Bricks falling off the roofline
Police Station - No Handicap Access , No Community Room
Fire Station - Floors collapsing under the weight of modern apparatus
Police Station - Holding cells from the 1930's
Fire Station - Heating systems that Fail in the Winter time
Police Station - Minimum staffing of Officers " On the Street"
Fire Station - 3 Facilities ?
Police Station - No Parking for its Employees?

The City has chosen to form some kind of Public Safety Committee. Step One is good, but should it be composed of Police and Fire Administrators and "Brass"? Where are the workers in the field? How come No Fire Fighters and or Police Officers are on it? Driscoll (FD) You say? Well all he knows is Air Force Issues ( the part time job which became a full time job). Why has the Mayor not reached out to the Unions involved , not just to lip smacking, back slapping administrators who behold to Robby's Will.
The Foundation is the presence of a professional Police and Fire Department. We dream ( as a City) for Greatness yet We ignore the very mortar cementing Good from Evil or the respected community status of Municipal Buildings. Pat Guerrero and Richard Lyons recently were photographed taking lunch at the new restaurant downtown. Let them visit the Police and Fire Stations and pull up a chair? How appetizing that would be? Clean the Filth from the table, don't spill food ( lest one of the rats scoop it up), breath the moldy air, hope a window doesn't drop out of its casement, and associate with the men and women who patrol public safety everyday. No wonder those public servants are leaving every chance they get? The Public Safety Buildings need the wrecking ball not another Band-Aid. Come on Mr. Mayor? Mr. Femano can see that from his College Desk. Retired Chief Obrien can see that from his New Hampshire Fire Job. Mr. Driscoll can see it from Hanscom Air Force Base. Mr. Dunn can see it from the VFW. Mr. Lyons can see it from the Lyons Memorial Tennis Courts. All those Everett lay abouts can see it from?.....Well... Everett.

Keep Building Castles in the Air without a Foundation and the whole house of cards will collapse. Rest Easy Politicians. Police and Fire will still handle the Heroin overdoses and keep picking up the needles along the sidewalks of our parks. Rest Easy Rats.


I could see Dolan building another school or some stupid park. No way he's going to build our officers and firefighters a new station. He thinks he's better than them. Talk about a guy who has run his course, time to move on Robbie.


In all likelihood new public safety facilities would require an override to pay for them. What are the thoughts on whether or not the community would support an override and would the police and fire employees and union come out and work for the passage of the override?

Melrose desperately needs the new facilities but make no mistake about it, a debt exclusion question will be on the ballot to pay for it. The community will most likely follow the lead of the police and fireman and the position of their unions.