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Bloviating re Baker's Arts Cuts

from today's Free Press:
"State Rep. Paul Brodeur and State Sen. Jason Lewis, who make up the Melrose delegation, both support the override.
“I don’t want to say it was a mistake on the governor’s part, [but] it was not a choice I would have made if I was in his shoes,” Brodeur said. “The programs it supports literally touch every city and town in the Commonwealth.”
Mayor Rob Dolan said that while the prospect of cuts in the arts is painful, he understands Baker’s predicament trying to balance the budget while facing an estimated tax revenue shortfall of nearly $1 billion."

So they all do the dance, but especially Dolan, who can't appear to be critical of Baker, especially after all the gushing BS Baker said about Dolan at the inaugural in January.

Baker's cuts are deeply harmful and "ridiculous," to quote Sarah Silverman, but they are certainly no surprise.

Re: Bloviating re Baker's Arts Cuts

With the Republicans firmly in control of the Executive Branch, Dolan needs friends in high places to tamp down any investigations of the schools, criminal administrators, and others in city hall who seem to think they can routinely violate the law with no consequences, all with a wink and a nod from the city solicitor's office.