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Lousy Incompetent Cooked Press of Melrose MA

"Melrose Mayor Offers Updates on Developments and Vacant Buildings
Main Street and West Wyoming Avenue developments and tenants updated by Melrose Mayor.
By George Hassett (Patch Staff) - August 5, 2016 4:16 pm ET

MELROSE, MA - Melrose Mayor James Dolan offered several updates on local developments, many on Main Street, in Melrose in his latest blog. Dolan offered updates on 530 Main St., 465 Main St., 529 Franklin St. and tenancy changes on West Wyoming Ave. Dolan also offerd an update on 681 Main St. whuch has been vacant and the subject of family litigation, Dolan said."

Yeah, that Jimmy Dolan must somehow be related to that other guy "whuch" runs Melrose and "offerd" those reassuring updates!

And then there's the 2-buck Not Free Press that has had a huge scoop on more flagrant racial violations/crimes of MPS "educators" and refuses to run it until "maybe November" after the court cases get going. Who cares that the basic civil rights of Melrose black students continue to be trampled on over and over again, anyway? Who cares that there's a SPED teacher who tries to get the black kids reassigned out of her classroom every year even before the school year starts, and then proceeds to abuse those who end up stuck in her classroom? Who cares that there's a principal who routinely treats students and teachers abusively, this one actually screams at them in the hallways in full view of everyone but is being groomed to be the next super? Who cares that there's a music director who has behaved in totally illegal ways to students and to staff but just got a promotion instead of his walking papers? Who cares that the super has tried on multiple occasions (unsuccessfully) to get restraining orders against parents who've come before her with legitimate concerns and that she now has made this a routine practice of her other administrators (bankrupting at least one family who had to pay everything they owned to defend their 10-year-old), abusing authority and the law in the most egregious manner and not getting fired outright for it? Who cares that Jimmy there has a legal staff of cronies that says all of this is just peachy dandy? Obviously not many in Melrose, starting with the editors of the media who don't think these are sexy enough stories for such a little snot burb.

Who cares that OCR came down on MPS administration for violating the US Constitution and yet these slimebags got off scot-free with their bloated salaries, still employed and deflecting all the blame and responsibility onto the kids, with piles of meaningless mandated programs, or those that staff are required to sit through euphemistically hailed as "professional development" taught by the very same administrators who perpetrated the crimes and ran the phony investigations? Apparently no one in Melrose cares, especially the press!

Now this Jimmy Dolan fella, well now He's the Guy!

Re: Lousy Incompetent Cooked Press of Melrose MA

Things haven't been the same since Rob Milano left!