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From GateHouse to Outhouse

In a Free Press column last week about the upcoming Trump Inauguration, Peter Chianca, Director of News and Operation for the GateHouse papers north of Boston, could barely contain his disdain for the President-elect. At the Lincoln Memorial he wrote, “you may be able to see a single tear fall from Lincoln’s eye as he laments the impending death of the republic.” About the swearing-in ceremony he wrote, “ you may be able to see a single tear fall from Obama’s eye as he laments the impeding death of the republic.”
At the wreath laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, “Trump is expected to deliver brief remarks about how deceased war veterans are ‘all talk, talk, talk -no action or results’”. Under “KKK Salutes Trump’s Rise to Power”, Chianca wrote, “just look for the burning crosses.” On and on went his pathetic attempt at “political humor”
capped off with a cartoon showing Trump using “The Art of the Deal” at the swearing in instead of the bible.
They say that some newspapers are good for wrapping fish and equally useful for lining the bottom of the kitty litter box. A good use for last week’s Free Press.
(There was a time when the Free Press was locally - owned and headquartered in Melrose. Today, it has an office in Danvers and is owned by the conglomerate GateHouse Media with headquarters in Perinton, New York and publishes 97 dailies in 20 states and 198 paid weeklies.)