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Dolan Blather on Channel 4 Keller

There he was in his Trumpian glory, tightrope-walking all the political highwires not so elegantly, making it clear that He has made Melrose Great Again and will not sanction Melrose a Sanctuary City, not because he has a spine, but because of a lack of "resources" to use locals for such enforcement. As with everything, he will continue to suck up to Charlie (he wants a state job and being able to straddle every political fence with plenty of political cover, being the closet Repug that he is) while keeping a lid on all real issues at home so that he and he alone can control all messages. The stupid wide grin did not conceal (to the observant, at least) the Trumpish machinations this man has made a hallmark of his fisthold on all public processes here. Line up Ryan and Pruitt and Betsey and Sessions and McConnell with our Taymore, Driscoll, Infurna & DellaRusso & Wright & Van Campen to see just how the tone, "alternate facts," ignorance, and arrogance line up....

Re: Dolan Blather on Channel 4 Keller

Yes, and the local administration's continuous stream of "alternate facts" are bought by us taxpayers to the tune of $799/month from the school budget's "e-rate" line item, if recalled correctly, from Melrose's very own Breitbart, aka GuileFoiled, with a population (can't insult monkeys) that refuses to hear or see any evil, even when it's coming out of their bank accounts, tax dollars, water/sewer rates or when it directly affects their own children in easily observable harms.