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How Mayor Dolan is Jeopardizing Your Childs Future.

When you woke up this morning, if you're like me, you thought about your kids right off the bat. Where are they, are they safe, are they feeling loved, and what can I do to help them.
For my kids:
-They're at home
-My second amendment right to bear arms keeps them safe
-I shower them with love and kisses everyday
But what can I do to help them? As a parent, what can I do to ensure my child's success and safety in Melrose? What do they NEED from me?
There's only one real answer.
Drain the swamp.
You all know who I mean.
The snake goes by many names. Robbie J, Dol Dog, Notorious R.J.D.
Robert. J. Dolan.
You all elected him in 2002. I'll admit, back then even I was still in the dark about his inner self. Just like all of you, I was dazzled by his newfound success in Melrose politics. I was under his spell.
Little did I know it was dark magic.
His charm.
His quick wit.
His humble banter.
These are his weapons. He preys on the weak, on the impressionable, and takes advantages of the innate human quality that is compassion. He had me fooled. He has all of you fooled.
It's time to wake up.
Mayor Dolan is pretentious. He is arrogant. He has taken credit for the success of our great city. He has taken credit for what you all have done for our home. You made Melrose what it is. Do not let him trick you into thinking this was through his doing.
Mayor Dolan does not care about the success of our community. He cares about his new 26% raise. He does not care about the environment of our schools, who are currently defending three separate civil rights cases. He does not care that experienced teachers are leaving left and right, leaving our youth to be taught by mewling newborns of teachers. He does not care that our small city culture is being changed, turning Melrose into something it is not.
Stop letting him fool you.
It is time for change.
It is time for something new.
Something young.
Something right for our city.
There have been rumblings of a young hero. One to turn the dark back to light. One to change our city back to what it was.
One to save Melrose.

Re: How Mayor Dolan is Jeopardizing Your Childs Future.

WHO IS THIS NEW LEADER?? We have been spat upon for 5,475 days, our faces have been deficated upon for 780 weeks, our well washed foreheads have been unbaptized for 180 months, the citizens of Melrose have been struck in the between the eyes with his high caliber bullets of propaganda for 390 fortnights, his vivid jargon has kept us subdued in a coffin of despair six-feet under for 131,400 hours, and if you ask me, a metaphorical kick to the genitalia lasting 7,884,000 seconds has been TOO LONG. I don't give a **** if I used a run on sentence! We need something fresh. We need something new. We need a new face to lead us. REV UP THOSE FRYERS. #SendDolanThroughTheColon!

Re: How Mayor Dolan is Jeopardizing Your Childs Future.

I too, have heard such rumblings. Whether it be true or false, the rumor mill is churning surrounding Towner's Pond. In one of the oldest houses in the city, a young stallion surnamed DeMayo resides. This boy is said to hold insurmountable power, and with enough training and guidance, he may be the one the Dolanic Rebellion has been waiting for.

Re: How Mayor Dolan is Jeopardizing Your Childs Future.

There's an old saying "An empty wagon makes allot of noise". "if the shoe fits......"