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Real Community Conversations

MBMM called City Hall furious last week because she was ticketed in front of Melrose television performing her two hour no call no show job where she worked with RD to raise our cable rates to get plush insurance and salary to do no work. She was angry she was ticketed because she was in the space longer than the sign posted. When she finally got through to GI she asked the fake mayor if there was something that could be done 'off the books' to make sure she could park there without being ticketed (and complained about Nancy Kukura's new bathroom floors). You know, she's better than the rest of the citizens of the city and businesses on Main Street who would all love to park in front of their job as long as they wanted to. How can we find out if GI nixes the parking ticket?

Re: Real Community Conversations

This is someone trolling. Go back to the community conversations. The Truth.

Re: Real Community Conversations

Sorry to burst your spin bubble, but the account above from Insiders Club is accurate. Have you conveniently forgotten that MBMM and GI are besties from way back? They are charter members of the Melrose Mean Girls Club.

Will GI see to it this ticket is voided? Not if she has a brain in her head. Oh......wait......