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Globe Warning and Weekly News Missed Opportunity

Don't miss major feature on front page of Globe Local section today 12/16 entitled "Worry Mounts Aa Property Taxes Rise" about the impact on senior citizens and those on fixed income.
Also, wouldn't it have been interesting if the reporter who wrote the photo/article "Educators stand in Support of Ovverride" in the Weekly News had asked the group, "How many of you live in Melrose ?" and "How many of you pay property taxes ?". I think we know the answers.

Re: Globe Warning and Weekly News Missed Opportunity

A number of School and Public Safety Building projects are spelled out in tax dollars for other Massachusetts communities in a front page piece in Sunday’s Globe Local. It is interesting background for all Melrose voters. If the One Melrose, Schools Override passes, there will never be new fire and police stations. No one will vote for them because no one will be able to afford it. Many people truly cannot afford more taxes. Reading this article shows why Melrose Politicians have ignored Fire and Police Buildings and keep saying “it’s all for the children”. I keep wondering why Melrose Politicians let the fiscal situation become so problematic. Games, rhetoric, and lies will not sort our mess out. All the door knocking by 30 somethings who only care about the schools will not get votes the votes for passage. A Forensic Audit is needed and is the1st step.