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It's over

It is GREAT to see the vast majority of the honorable citizens of Melrose repudiate the LIES of the MTA.

Who knew that lying to businesses, lying to Steele House residents and proposing not a single alternative solution wouldn’t resonate with the public?

Crying and whining that “the numbers are false”, that the “Mayor is illegitimate” and that “the Alderman are crooks” didn’t carry the day?

I tried helping all of you; I really did! I kept telling you to “get a different slant.” Your rhetoric wasn’t resonating. Alas, you didn’t your own peril.

It’s time for me to relax and bask in the success of the Override passing, which was necessary for this City to keep progressing. Perhaps I’ll come back before the November election. You’ll see me on the ballot...maybe I’ll slip some Easter eggs for y’all in my campaign materials. Keep an eye out... :)

Until then, I’d remind your to get a different slant, but you won’t listen. That especially goes for my buddies Go Away and VOTE NO (who are probably the same out-of-touch person).

PS - Oh, and I am BEGGING Monica to void her Alderman seat and run for Mayor. She went “all in” on the No campaign and embarrassed herself by claiming that she didn’t understand budgets that SHE APPROVED for the last decade! Starting your Mayoral campaign with 6,000 ****** off voters is an interesting strategy...let’s see how that works out.

Re: It's over

When do you receive yours perks from the One Melrose campaign?🤣🤣

Just for the record, Go Away is another poster, and I am not your buddy😅

Re: It's over

It's all over but the shouting except there won't be any shouting. The lemmings that voted yes won't follow up on the supposed school improvements, will be put off with admin excuses and run around and will be told some platitudes that they'll be afraid to question because they will lose friends.

If I am wrong, you'll have a revolt on your hands. And no, the reason there is no change isn't that you didn't get enough money, it was purloined.