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Mayors Race

Great twist in Melrose's first contested Mayors race since the charter reform. September primary where the top two vote getters run off in November for the position. When Dolan ran in a 5 person race it was pre charter reform. All 5 were on the November ballot and the person with most votes out of the 5 prevailed.

2019 is shaping up as a 5 person race with a wide range of candidates including the 50 year old establishment white guy (wouldn't want to be him in 2019), the hipster millennial white guy, a woman of color whose message to date is all about identity politics, a republican woman establishment candidate who didn't support the override, and a woman who has a little experience as an alderman and most recently a city hall employee. (whose political leanings are a mixed bag) Should be a ton of fun.

5 very different backgrounds and early campaign styles. Anyone can finish top 2 in a race like this coming early in September.

Can't wait for the debates....