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Mayoral Press Meet Press Proponents

From Patch:
"Melrose on Wednesday September 4, 2019 at 7:30PM in the Aldermanic Chamber at City Hall for a special Mayoral Forum. This will be an opportunity for the public to hear live from the five Mayoral candidates concerning a range of issues before the first ever preliminary election on Tuesday, September 17. The panel consists of substantive questions from known local journalists representing media outlets in the city including: Conor Power-Smith from the Melrose Free Press, Bob Burgess of the Melrose Weekly News, and Mike Carraggi from the Melrose Patch. Mary Beth McAteer-Margolis, Community Outreach Director from MMTV, will moderate the evening by opening and closing the event with details and tracking time for all participants."

Are they kidding? "substantive question from known local JOURNALISTS"?!!!
Power-S who doesn't have an impartial bone in his snark-laden "journalist" portfolio (behaving more like nasty embed CBBall than AaronL, who actually was/is excellent), MBMM who is and always has been owned by and openly shills for the fake dem Dolan Machine, BB who was/is so helpful to the OneMelrose Cabal and has helped with terrible editorials keep incompetent, damaging jerks like CT and Casey in their jobs, MC who means well but can't write for beans and doesn't understand basic principles of staying neutral as a real journalist would--this is a cast of characters that could never be called "journalists" in any world other than today's Melrose!

There's not a chance in you-know-where that this cast of totally partial embeds will get to the real heart of any issues, with the possible exception of MC, who has been quite diligent about the poop tornado scandal (though he needs to learn about spell-check and proofreading!).