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Thank you Melrose Parents!

Could the proud Melrose mom and dad please come forward so we can thank them for giving their teenage son a megaphone? I would like to meet you personally if I could. You must be so proud of your spoiled little brat! He drives around swearing and using racial slurs and insulting the elderly and women walking alone. Maybe the cops could keep an eye peeled for this upstanding young man? He has a bright future ahead of him. He spouts his insults and speeds away in Mommy's soccer wagon I'm sure. Anyway, if I ever catch this twerp at a red light, mommy and daddy aren't gonna be too happy when he comes home with a broken nose.

Re: Thank you Melrose Parents!

Instead of threatening violence (and indicating your own immaturity), how about taking down the license plate and calling the MPD?

Re: Thank you Melrose Parents!

Typical Melrose response! Hey! What a great idea! But the little coward speeds up on you and speeds away. Probably your kid. Go organize a rolling rally for the brat.

Re: Thank you Melrose Parents!

Maybe he's related the twerp(s) who stopped near the junction of Grove and Faxon/Gooch just before midnight to light off a bunch of fireworks and watched them go off before driving away?

Re: Thank you Melrose Parents!

No, this little whimp doesn't get out of mommy's car to do his dirty work.

Re: Fourth of July flyover: Dept. of Defense plans aerial salute in Boston, other cities

With the coronavirus pandemic lurking in the background, and Boston’s annual Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular canceled, this year’s Fourth of July weekend celebrations are seemingly a bust — but if you keep your eyes to the sky, you’re in for a show.

The Department of Defense is planning an aerial salute to several cities that played roles in the American Revolution, including Boston.

Flyovers will begin in Boston before heading to New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, according to a Pentagon news release.

From Baltimore, officials said the aircraft will join other DOD and heritage jets in the Salute to America over the U.S. capital.

The scheduled hours for each city’s flyover are still under planning, though officials said they’ll be announcing the exact timing soon.