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Re: What’s Brodeur’s deal?

Am I the only person in this town who didn’t realize what a left-wing hippie whiner Brodeur is? Has he always been this way? He was a no-name state rep of course who never really did anything but I’ve been really surprised at how far left he leans in a town that has historically been closer to the center.
He is bending to the left as you call it stay popular and in office. They are not leftist ideals though. They are hypocrites thugs in hippie clothing.

Re: What’s Brodeur’s deal?

There is only hypocrisy when discussing this city's administration, and that means all of it. PB is a flimsy nothing, only "bending" to whichever way the wind is blowing (his pinkie is always up in the air taking readings). If the wind says be a reactionary right-winger, he's comfortable with that, too, as long as his equally unprincipled supporters are going that way. He is unencumbered with real ideas or any kind of backbone, even worse than his predecessor in that regard (and that's a pretty low bar!).

Re: What’s Brodeur’s deal?

Agree with the previous poster. He has no backbone, no ideals and no concern for the community long-term. I don't know if he's bullied but the constituents he bends to make no sense and if he were a responsible leader, he would try to temper them. The ped bike committee that hates cars and parking also likes over development and crowding. The two don't make sense together. The ped bike committee is a self appointed group of pushy zero sum game opportunists hiding behind fake environmentalist ideals. News flash: Over development and over crowding isn't good for the environment.

Re: What’s Brodeur’s deal?

Mayor Brodeur is a dismal failure - a leftist loon and that is the nicest thing I say about him! He was always a wimp since I first met him many years ago and he remains so. We have to have better qualified people in this city to run for Mayor next election - but he is well-connected politically and the Democrat machine is very strong in Melrose - so sad.