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Re: They Say They Want To UNITE But They Just Want Their Way!!!

Now the truth comes that the Teachers Union was involved with the CDC and Biden. This cost so many lives and our children.

Not the color but the behavior we object to.

The 44th used US money to get out Israel President.

Female athletes worry

I worry for a Police Officer Today and in the Future!

Paying back their donors following the slogan your American 1st.

They took away the Bail System

Next they want the 2nd and 1st amendment

This is crippling public schools.

President Biden and his administration cannot hide from the truth by not going to our southern border to see what is happening. Everyone can see what is happening by news accounts and video of how these kids are being mistreated and separated from their parents. This is so disgusting and vile to see our government cooperating with the drug cartels and helping them traffic in kids. They now make more money trafficking in kids than they do in smuggling in drugs!

Can you believe what you saw yesterday when our President and his wife visited an elementary school talking to kids while they condone the raping of girls and the trafficking of kids on their way up to the US southern border - and then promoting our open borders and instituting catch and release policy again. Even the central American countries are blaming Biden for this chaos.

Re: They Say They Want To UNITE But They Just Want Their Way!!!

Is it the Abortion Views that Ban Biden From Communion? Is it the sex trafficking allegations?
AS far as I am concerned - it can be because of both those reasons! I am convinced that Biden is just a puppet - and his springs are being controlled by others - he looks, speaks, and walks like a very weak and fragile old man! What a shame for this projection of our President overseas!

Re: They Say They Want To UNITE But They Just Want Their Way!!!

Don't omit his support for degenerate life styles like gay marriage! Abortion is NURDEER! "Beijing" Joe and Nancy "PIGlosi" are not true Catholic's, as neither have apparently ever read the Bible! Your Mayor can also be included among the DEMONcrats! I am a true Catholic and will therefore continue to pray for their souls, because ALL LIVES MATTER!

Re: They Say They Want To UNITE But They Just Want Their Way!!!

No greater love has a person that speaks the truth and gets banned from Facebook and MELROSE MESSAGES!