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Re: Why mandate masks in schools?

Wellnow..., I believe in personal freedom up to the point where those freedoms jeopardize mine. Right now they are as I'm increasingly being forced to wear masks in restaurants, bars, the Garden, etc. People are not "free" to drink and drive, they are not "free" to riot (left and right), and they are not "free" to spread communicable diseases such as measles. While it hasn't happened in close to 50 years, people are not "free" to evade a draft

I don't advocate forcing people to be vaccinated, but the time has come to stiffen refusal's negative consequences. Cigarette, liquor, and (now) cannabis are heavily taxed because they impart a cost to society. Having to pay those taxes, which I do in the case of liquor, are a negative "consequence" of my/user's free will decisions to partake. As I said, I/they have options. If a business should choose to compel vaccinations, that is the owners' freedom. If governments should do the same, which I argue they should, then the non-vaccinated have the option of finding alternative employment. I am steadfast in that belief.

I don't relish advocating negative consequences for anyone's freely made decisions. This probably wouldn't even be necessary had the non-vaccinated as a whole kept up their end of the deal by continuing to mask up. But while I'm sure you'll have an example or two of those who did, the vast majority did not. Rather, they've (mostly) selfishly tried to "freeload" off those willing to accept the vaccines' slight negative health risks in exchange for greater personal and societal gains.

BTW, thank you for your healthcare service.

Re: Why mandate masks in schools?

Not Trump
80% of eligible Melrose residents are vaccinated.

Cases remain incredibly low.

Why are the schools mandating masks for all students, even vaccinated ones?

Mask mandates didn’t stop the pandemic.

Why are we continuing to protect those who don’t need the protection?
Everyone acts like everything is great because property values are high. But what if they weren't? And we're just one collapse away from that again. Today date is September 7 2021
coronavirus is a “serious threat to the people of Massachusetts, COVID-19 DELTA Variant still most concernig.