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Why is it that the Melrose police allow the fireworks at Franklin field by a private person to go off after 4th of July? If you try lighting fireworks on 4th of July in your own backyard you would get in trouble. However, they allow a big production down at Franklin field. I thought Melrose did not have a fireworks show.. And why are there no firemen no firemen on hand in case a in case a fire happens due to the fireworks. Glad to see that Melrose is on the ball when it comes to what it allows and what it doesn't..I really hope that none of the surrounding houses experience a fire. All the debris is left there on the field. Unexploded firework for a kid to come by and pick up.

It really is terrible to see the favoritism allowed by the city of Melrose. They know this happens every year and they do nothing about it.