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Re: Police

You over heard someone talking and you was not in on this conversation? Am I hearing you right?

Re: Police

There’s only one lieutenant who retired recently is this the reason?

Melrose finest has never been fine. Ask those who knew the deptartment in the seventies and eighties. The drinking on the job, the drug use, they bullying.

Even today this young force is said to enjoy their white powdery substance.

Re: Police

Leave the police alone they are doing a good job at this time with the woke administration, thanks to you!
All because of the teachers union causing many of the public school issues and the mayor.

Re: Police

Melrose lost its finest police chief ever, and that's because of chronic mistreatment by PB. Targeting so-called "wokeness" is just fabricated FoxNonNewsNonsense. Melrose is responsible for its own sorry state of affairs, and that includes a history of some despicable police conduct. That being said, the whole force should not be condemned because of the bad apples. Most are trying to do a decent job, or at least they were under Chief Lyle, who actually called out improper conduct. Unfortunately he couldn't do anything to control the bad behavior of too many of Melrose's elected officials and their appointed hacks.