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Re: Democratic party leaders all have beachfront properties

You’re not wrong. They talk about sharing and spreading wealth but democrats who mostly got rich off the taxpayers can’t get enough money or vacation homes. They talk a good talk but don’t walk a good walk.

Re: Democratic party leaders all have beachfront properties

Majority of lawmakers in 116th Congress are millionaires. Presidential candidates face the same hurdles. Mitt Romney spent much of the 2012 campaign fending off attacks, fueled by comments like "my wife drives a couple of Cadillacs," on his massive personal wealth, while Hillary Clinton has questionably claimed that she and Bill were "dead broke" upon leaving the White House. John Kerry erupts after his private jet use is mocked in the House hearing, denies ever owning one. He said his wife and stepson owns the jet. Biden, Kerry and Romney son are making lots of money and should be investigated! Allegedly