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Not Enough Money for Summer School for Most Vulnerable Students

So if the vague recountings of the superintendent are correct from last night's meeting, there isn't enough money for remediation programs for the most vulnerable students in the middle and high schools but there is plenty of money for exorbitant administrative and teacher raises. Naturally neither the superintendent nor her bumbling business manager presented any facts or actual numbers, just a lot of vague "I don't know's." She also commented (watched the sadly unimpressive broadcast) that Melrose had raised its fees to what many families can no longer afford, while at the same time not finding efficiencies to make the program work well (which it does nearly every place else). Lots more vague references to other districts like Somerville, which run robust programs and have "critical mass."

Some vague reference was made to the fact that fewer students need the remediation programs because of the great success of the district. Facts? Naturally, nonexistent with the presumption that the public should just trust it all to be true, when clearly no reasonable person having watched this district over many years would do this.

That segued into the rambling and ever-unimpressive recounting by the SPED director/Asst super about the SPED program. Earlier meetings spoke about the largely increasing numbers in the secondary SPED (that unpleasant and dismaying fact was missing in last night's show, naturally). Listening to that woman last night you'd think everything was golden. Look at the budget and exploding costs of the program over the years of this brand of "leadership", and the truth reveals itself.

Meanwhile the committee and Melrose slumbers.

Couldn't stomach the rest of the meeting and missed the first part.

Re: Not Enough Money for Summer School for Most Vulnerable Students

So what happens to the kids that need summer school? If the district can't afford it they MUST pay for out of district summer school. What's more costly?
And Patty White Lambright is nauseating.

Re: Not Enough Money for Summer School for Most Vulnerable Students

This city and school system can't handle budgets effectively, hides money, spends it (or finds it available) when it suits their agendas. Now, there isn't $ for summer school? Not one more cent for the schools until they prove in an open and accountable way that they should/can be trusted to use it wisely. Voting No on the OVERRIDE !

Re: Not Enough Money for Summer School for Most Vulnerable Students

When I was in the service we had an expression that describes the school system with 100% accuracy - it's a cluster ****.