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Ms Taymore - Having a Problem with Simple Math

Did anyone watch the school committee Tuesday evening when, during the public comment session, Gerry Mroz informed the committee that the school site councils continue to be a gathering of exclusive groups rather than promoting inclusiveness within the community. He noted that only one non-school community member is asked to be a member rather than to reach out to community businesses and outside interested people to participate. He also noted that they should be holding their first meeting within 40 calendar days after school starts, which means that they should have their first meeting in early October not the end of October. He noted that a first grade student could calculate this correctly.

Later Ms. Taymore corrected Mr. Mroz and explained that the law states that the site councils are required to first meet within 40 business days of the start of school. I just heard today that Ms. Taymore discovered she was wrong in her interpretation of the start date and that Mr. Mroz was correct. Anyone want to bet that she does not apologize to Mr. Mroz at the next school committee meeting when he will be present?

Finally, if our most senior school official can’t even get a simple schedule right, what makes anyone believe that she can run a school system effectively….oh yea…..she got an average performance rating this year of “proficient” – a real confidence booster!

Re: Ms Taymore - Having a Problem with Simple Math

Yeah, did you hear her fumble and fail as she tried to figure out what 5% of some number was a couple meetings back? Total charlatan. Can you just imagine what an awful teacher she had to have been? Look at most of those suits/administrators and you won't see an educated, cultured one among them, let alone one who knows what they're doing when it comes to teaching. But they DO know how to weasel the big bucks out of that bunch of creepy ignoramuses on the committee determining their salaries. Really it is a very bad movie which wouldn't be so bad if the students and teachers (the real ones) could just change the channel. But it is downright terrible because they just keep getting away with this crap they call running the district (straight into the ground).

Speaking of total charlatans, that biz mgr is a really bad joke. Take a look at anything he has put out there if you want to see bad math.

Re: Ms Taymore - Having a Problem with Simple Math

Speaking of the business manager, his report for Tuesday's meeting had some budget items 400% over budget after only several weeks into the new year! When questioned by the only one on the committee who reads those budget numbers, Carrie Kourkuomelis, he gave some screwy, nonsensical answer! After many years, our school department still doesn't understand how to use the MUNIS program! Actually they don't even know how to properly and effectively use Aspen help both parents and students! Seems computers and software are a total mystery to this administration....and we are trusting our kids education to these "Keystone Cops"?