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School Committee Meeting

Watching the school committee meeting right now with my husband. What is it with Driscoll? She believes she's saying some insightful thing praising the schools while saying nothing at all!

My mother always warned that people who are over the top in lavishing compliments are really trying to hide something. The more they compliment, the more you should be suspect. Many members of school committee do that. They're hiding something they're afraid people will find out. Does anyone know what it is?

Re: School Committee Meeting

Unfortunately, you found out what many many of us already knew.

Re: School Committee Meeting

All that gushing that MD does is just sick and nauseating. Go back a ways and you can hear her talk about how she "hears angels" over some dumb curriculum thing or something. It's just over the top and crazy, and a poor cover for the bile and viciousness she's obviously chomping at the bit to unleash. KT does her own version, just loud, grating, with lots of "I really like ....." and "I get that".... that is, until she starts obnoxiously gaveling to silence anyone she doesn't like, snarling and sneering until she can veer the proceedings away from anything real. JD does it with heavy use of as many jargon words she can throw into every sentence, frequently glancing over to Cyndy to make sure the super is admiring and nodding at every gibberish utterance (if she bothers to notice anything as she continually flips through her emails on her IPad during the meetings, only surfacing to express her pervasive contempt when queried about anything real). Then there's Don, who can only bloviate in nonsensical non-sentences about how great it all is, as he raises his head from his phone checking FB constantly during the meetings. Eventually CC has to weigh in with some endless circular garbage loop about technology, pretending to ask a real question, though anyone who's watched her pathetic performance over the last 12-13 years knows it's about as disingenuous as it could possibly be. Then there's Mr. 26% and his bloated perpetual stump speeches or jumping on any chance to trash CKK after one of the only real questions or statements during any meeting, since he must assert his manliness (pathetic) and maniacal control over the flow of information (unless there's something big on the table, at which point he makes sure to arrive late, head for the john or rush out "to take a call"). It's a bad circus show, all around, and the BOA is only marginally better with only one consistently credible member now (MM). No mature dialog allowed here, that's for sure.

Melrose so desperately needs decent candidates!