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# 92 out of 100

Check out

Things are not going well in the matter how the SC, Mayor's office, BOA, MEF and hired PR firm attempts to spin things...we were rated a 92 out of 100...Shameful !!!!!

Re: # 92 out of 100

Another nonsensical ranking. If you believe in this list and have young kids you should immediately sell your house and move to #55, Malden. You will get a lot more house for your dollar and a lower tax rate.
Alternatively, you can look at the MCAS results and compare districts for yourself and not be a slave to the subjectivity and bias of the survey administrators. If you are too lazy for that another site collects all of the test results and does the rankings for you. On that list Melrose is 42 and Malden is 238. That list only considers test scores, no bias or subjectivity. Gee, I wonder which one I put more faith in. Try this one out: