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Hypocrisy and Faux Angst Re K Para Funding

Check out Dolan's faux outrage and hypocritical remarks:

Local pols blast state over kindergarten funding removal By Aaron Leibowitz
July 03. 2016 1:14PM

Melrose kindergarten classrooms could have fewer paraprofessionals in September after the state legislature eliminated funding for its kindergarten grant on the final day of the fiscal year.

Mayor Rob Dolan derided the state’s decision.

“I think it’s one of the biggest disgraces that I have witnessed in my 15 years as mayor, that the House and Senate would totally eliminate a major funding source on the last day of the fiscal year,” Dolan said. “Who’s running the show? Who’s making these decisions?”


“I’ve worked in the public, private and non-profit sectors. I’ve never witnessed this,” Dolan said. “I’ve been supportive of cuts when cuts need to be made, but in that case you do it as soon as possible, not the day before the new fiscal year during Fourth of July weekend when everyone is away.”

While Dolan has been reluctant to dip further into the city’s free cash account – which totaled $3.4 million to begin Fiscal 2016 – he does not expect any layoffs despite the lost grant funding.

“We don’t act in a reactionary way like the state,” Dolan said. “We have to deal with real people and real kids with real problems.”

Oh really, Robbie. What nerve! And how many controversial things do you and your hacks slip into summer agendas "when everyone is away"? Like last year's School Committee agenda: "approve a pot... for administrative raises"! Really! You cannot make up stuff this heinous.

"one of the biggest disgraces that I have witnessed in my 15 years as mayor"
Yeah. Well, some of us can think of quite a few that most would consider a great deal more serious, and they've been happening during the past 15 years.

Where was Dolan's public outrage over the federal findings of civil rights violations in the schools? Or of the massively accruing legal bills, that by now far exceed the paltry amount represented by this Kindergarten para funding?

Now about this new teacher's contract? Have you actually seen a document, or did you once again have the school committee call for a vote for something never yet drafted and only suggested by your crack bargaining team of CT, MD and yourself? All that fine print is "just like the last one"? Right? And how much is it going to cost us? Oh that's right, you won't tell us. Maybe you'll try and tell Monica or another elected official that they'll have to pay $8,000 to get a redacted version!

“We have to deal with real people and real kids with real problems.”
Yes, that would be the thing to do.... And you could start by observing the laws and holding those accountable who break those laws.

Re: Hypocrisy and Faux Angst Re K Para Funding

So will the city fund the para positions or share as they talked about ?

Re: Hypocrisy and Faux Angst Re K Para Funding

Dolan: "We have to deal with real people with real kids with real problems".

Yep; It is pretty clear that the way school district administrators (right to the very top) handle these "real parents with real kids and real problems" is to dispense real threats against them in violation of real state and federal laws, rather than address their kids' real educational needs (for that would take so much more effort). This strategy has lead to real negative consequences for the district, such as the rapidly declining performance at the "level three" Horace Mann school.

so Mr. Dolan: Get real!