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School Busses

What's up with School Busses taking up the whole road when they stop to pick up or unload students? The RMV law states that a school bus will put on its' flashing red lights and display the stop sign and everyone is supposed to stop and avoid passing the stopped bus. The law does not authorize the school bus driver to block the whole road in order to accomplish this. It's a liability on the school bus driver, the company employing the driver and the school department.

Having parents parked at the intersection near where a school bus stops creates a hazard also. I witness a Charter School school bus stop on Porter Street almost every day to drop kids off around Lincoln St. Some meatball female parent parks her large SUV on Porter St right at the curb at the intersection. A car coming from behind does not know if the car is occupied or even if there is a meatball parent inside waiting for the school bus. So the school bus approaches and stops on the opposite side of the road on the opposite side of the intersection and facing the opposite way of the SUV, with its' red lights flashing. Another vehicle approaches from behind the SUV, passes the SUV but stops before entering the intersection and allows the children to cross, thereby complying with the law.

Passing the meatball parent obviously upsets her and she begins blowing her horn and yelling and gesturing inside her car and yelling inside her car probably at the passing car but effectively at her front windshield. The school bus driver is doing the same. Both cause fear and anxiety in the crossing children who express the same in the facial expressions.

The meatball parent is at fault for parking so close to an intersection and effectively endangering the children disembarking from the school bus which she knows stops at the same place each and every day. I don't know why the school bus driver got so upset. He stopped his bus, displayed his red lights and his stop sign. His mistake is, as seems to be with all the school bus drivers in this and other cities, thinking that he himself CONTROLS ALL traffic. The passing car of course hasn't got a clue what the SUV driver is doing 'cause she is just too lazy to properly park her car in a safe place away from the school bus stop, get her fat lazy self out of the car and meet her children on the sidewalk and then walk them a few feet away to the car. She put herself in the way of everything and just blames everyone else for her own inadequacies..

Re: School Busses

I've seen the same thing. She parks right at the intersection which is 1. Illegal - within 20 feet. 2 Dangerous - people on the cross street can't see past her to see if anyone else is coming. 3. Stupid, ignorant, and inconsiderate. I've also seen her flip out when someone pulls up next to her and stops, which they have to do whether there's a bus there or not, and I never have been able to figure out why.

Want to have some fun? Park your car there so she can't. Then watch the show.

I'll bet she's a joy to live with.

Re: School Busses

I frequently walk my dog past this area after I get home from work and I've seen this lady also interacting with motorists that incite her furor. She needs to stay at home and be making dinner for her spouse and her children. Maybe even tidy up the house a bit for when her spouse comes home. And why does she need to drive to the school bus stop anyway. Does she live that far away that she can't walk? The kids alighting from the bus seem to be able to walk OK. Is she a nanny? Does she even live in Melrose thereby making her eligible to send her children to the Charter School? Maybe some police enforcement is needed in this area to determine who is actually creating such a hazardous climate here.

Re: School Busses

I have also watched in the morning Rosie staff park their cars in the two spots that are for people visiting the school. The cars stay till I am picking up my child at the end of the day. Remind you the lot is empty when the cars are put in these special spots. I also wrote a letter and nothing has changed. I am going to send the letter dated 4months ago to the superintendent this week. I wrote the license plate numbers down and this principal has her own rules.

Re: School Busses

I see this also every single day at the Roosevelt school. They are 2 white SUV. Pure laziness on the part of the teachers.